Ouje-Bougoumou District Energy System

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Ouje-Bougoumou District Energy System

The Cree Nation of Ouje-Bougoumou selected FVB Energy Inc. to provide a variety of business development and engineering services for this district energy system, which provides heating services to an entire community in Northern Quebec (135 homes and 16 public buildings). The system started operations in 1993.
  • Biomass. The plant utilizes two biomass fired boilers to produce 75% of the district heating system’s annual thermal energy requirements. The boilers utilize wood waste from a nearby sawmill.
  • District heating. The plant has a capacity of 13 million Btu/hour. The district heating system utilizes two fuel oil fired boilers and two biomass fired boilers to provide 90 °C hot water. The distribution system utilizes a combination of European Standard (EN 253) thin wall steel pipe and plastic pipe (PEX).
  • 135 Homes
  • 16 Public Buildings
FVB Energy, Inc. Services
FVB Energy provided many types of services to make this project successful, including:

  • Market assessment and feasibility analysis
  • Conceptual design of district heating system
  • Financial analysis and rate structure development
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Level two financial analyses prior to capital authorization
  • Detailed design of plant, distribution piping and building connections
  • Commissioning of system

Energy and Environmental Policy

Marketing and Sales Consulting

District Energy Technology

  • Energy Transfer Stations
  • Complete Systems
    • District Heating
  • Renewable Energy Waste and Heat
    • Biomass
  • Distribution Systems
    • Piping Systems

Business Assessment

  • Feasibility Study