Moldova Strategic Heating Options and Pilot Projects

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Moldova Strategic Heating Options and Pilot Projects

The World Bank has been planning an investment program for the heating sector of Moldova, as part of Energy II project. The objective of the Strategic Heating Options study was to review the situation in the energy sector of Moldova with respect to improved space heating and domestic hot water supply options. The task included analysis of heat loads in the existing district heating systems, forecasts of heat demand, affordability analysis, proposal for long-term sector development program and short-term pilot investment projects in six cities (Chisinau, Balti, Soroca, Ungheni, Orhei and Floresti).

The conclusions of the study included recommendations as to what extent the centralized heating systems should be preserved or replaced by individually generated thermal energy, considering the utilization of the existing combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Economic and financial analysis of the proposed rehabilitation alternatives was performed. FVB also advised the Client on appropriate institutional and legislative aspects of the heating sector organization and regulation.

FVB provided advisory services in the following disciplines:
• Strategic options for heating sector development (technical solutions, fuel mix, institutional and legislative framework);
• Affordability analysis in heating sector
• District heating technologies (production, distribution, consumer connections);
• Decentralized heating technologies (production, distribution, consumer connections);
• Restructuring and reorganization of heating sector and utilities (institutional, financial and legislative issues);
• Design and implementation arrangements for pilot investment projects for a selected set of public and residential buildings in six cities.

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