Atlantic City District Energy System

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Atlantic City District Energy System

Conectiv Thermal Systems selected FVB Energy Inc. to provide a variety of business development, marketing and engineering services for this district energy system that provides both cooling and heating services to seven casinos along the boardwalk in the midtown district of Atlantic City as well as to the new Atlantic City Convention Center and the existing Convention Hall. The 14 chillers have been in operation since October 1997 and produce 17,100 tons total cooling capacity. To improve the chiller part-load performance, ten of the chillers have variable speed compressors. The district energy system includes 20,000 combined feet of chilled water, steam, and condensate pipe. For distributing the 39¢ªF chilled water, Conectiv used non-insulated, fully restrained ductile iron piping. For the 225 psig steam, Conectiv used a pre-insulated Class A system (drainable, dryable, testable) consisting of welded steel piping, fiberglass insulation and reinforced fiberglass conduit.


• District cooling. The 17,100 ton plant uses seven parallel sets of two chillers in series with variable primary flow through the chillers.
• District Heating. Currently the plant has two 73,400 lb/hr boilers but can accept a third boiler if required to meet future customer loads. Steam is produced at 225 psig and condensate is returned from the customers to the central heating plant.
• Seven casinos
• Atlantic City Convention Center
• Convention Hall
FVB Energy, Inc. Services
On this project FVB Energy:
• Analyzed the distribution system heat transfer to determine the impact of having steam and chilled water piping in the same trench and whether or not the chilled water piping should be insulated
• Analyzed the customer market and determined the business feasibility of connecting candidate customers to the district heating and cooling system
• Developed Owner’s Requirements Documents that provided detailed requirements for the piping and end-user systems
• Reviewed design submittals for plant, distribution piping, and customer connections
• Prepared and maintains the steam and chilled water hydraulic model/calculations

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District Energy Technology

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