Creating a New Cooling Business in Västerås

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Creating a New Cooling Business in Västerås

For local utility company Mälar Energi, FVB helped evaluate the district cooling business potential in Västerås, Sweden. We prepared concept designs, estimated revenues and expenses, and helped sell the concept of district cooling to local business owners. Since the business case met the company’s investment criteria, they proceeded with the project, and FVB prepared the final design documents necessary to modify an existing heat pump system and construct the new piping system including customer connections. FVB also helped design rate structures, and negotiate contracts with the building owners. From the initial study in 1995 to the present (2002), FVB has helped Mälar Energi develop and expand the district cooling business in Västerås.

Energy and Environmental Policy

Marketing and Sales Consulting

  • Customer Sales Support
  • Negotiations Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis

District Energy Technology

  • Energy Transfer Stations
  • Complete Systems
    • District Cooling
  • Distribution Systems
    • Piping Systems
    • Hydraulic Modeling
    • System Expansion

Business Assessment

  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Modeling
  • Load Projections
  • Cost of Service Rate Design
  • Customer Contracts