The University of Toronto Mississauga Chilled Water CUP Upgrade

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The University of Toronto Mississauga Chilled Water CUP Upgrade

The University of Toronto Chilled Water CUP Upgrade

City: Mississauga
Client: University of Toronto
Total Size: 3000 ton chilled water plant upgrade
Date: Jan. 2018 – Dec.2018
Total Project Cost: ~$1,000,000
Total FVB Fees: $77,300

Project Description: 
The project was to upgrade and replace the CUP 3,000 ton chilled water plant primary (grouped chilled water pumps) and secondary pumping systems (distribution pumps) due to aging infrastructure. Upsizing the headers to accommodate up to 4,000 tons.

Constraints, Major Issues and Solutions:
Automate and add control functions. Hydraulic modelling of existing system with primary, secondary, tertiary pumps.

Key Deliverables: 
Detailed design IFT/IFC package

Project Team, Name, Designations: 
S.Yee – PM
S.Shakkour – Senior Mechanical Engineer
B.Michaelsen – Junior Mechanical Engineer
G.Rodriguez – Electrical Engineer, M&E Draftsperson
A.Hendersen – Construction support

Energy and Environmental Policy

Marketing and Sales Consulting

District Energy Technology

  • Thermal Storage
    • Chilled Water
  • Distribution Systems
    • System Expansion

Business Assessment